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Excitement, curiosity and then joy and gratefulness – I experienced them all while presenting, for the first time internationally, my own 6″O”METHOD™ at the EUDEC@IDEC conference in Finland, which is the most prominent event in the field of democratic education worldwide.

Back in Poland, weeks after the event, I’ve been truly happy to share my knowledge with numerous coaches and trainers who want to use my method and become certified. However, back in early June in Mikkeli, Finland, only 6 participants enrolled for my first demo Session. Not many, I thought, but I decided to stay positive. After all, the same number of students take part in my sessions with foreign languages in Warsaw, Poland. I like to make these meetings cosy. I want people to feel comfortable and really taken care of in my Językodajnia Language Atelier.

The minutes before the start of the demo Session, I made a conscious effort to breath and meditate. The crowd I saw the moment I entered the workshop space took me by surprise. 50 people turned out! For a moment, I couldn’t believe it.Then we all smiled and I felt like this was happening for a reason.

I presented a basic session: “Adults Only. Democratic education for adults”. This was a “teaser” for those who were interested in becoming certified 6″O”METHOD™ trainers. I presented my approach to the founders of democratic schools from Australia and South Africa, world-renowned experts from the USA and UK, as well as coaches from Brazil and Jezykodajnia’s fan from Japan. Trainers, coaches and teachers from Israel, Germany, France, Belgium, Holland, Austria and Hungary – they all found their way to this workshop and wanted to learn about 6″o”Method™ . We shared the same passion and similar values when it comes to education. I could definitely feel it and I appreciated it. My demo lasted only 90 minutes but it really made all the difference. Especially in my life, but I am hoping not only. The next months in Językodajnia will be really busy. Thank you and… stay tuned!


Wszystkie (wakacyjne) lektury prezydenta


Wszystkie będziemy kiedyś staruszkami :)

TU I TERAZ03/06/2016

Back in Poland


Polubiłeś nas? :) Bardzo nam miło!

Jeśli chcesz, co jakiś czas będziemy wysyłać Ci najciekawsze wpisy i informacje.  Zostaw nam tylko Twoje dane:

Wyrażam zgodę na przetwarzanie podanych danych osobowych w tym ich zbieranie i wykorzystywanie w celach: zapisu na spotkania i warszaty, ewidencji sprzedaży, wysyłania informacji marketingowych, kontaktu z klientem przez Jezykodajnia/ Polish Yourself Agnieszka Bolikowska z siedzibą w Warszawie, przy ul. Panieńskiej 9 lok.29, NIP: 5262193770, stosownie do postanowień ustawy z dnia 19 sierpnia 1997 r.o ochronie danych osobowych (Dz. U. nr 133 poz. 993 ze zm.).(wymagane)

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