Agnieszka Sternak


Language is created in relationship.
Observing a child learning to speak we might notice that the speed of this process depends not only on the child. Naturally, many factors facilitate the process:

*the attractiveness of available stimuli, materials and objects that can be commented upon
*the feeling of safety and mental wellbeing, which open us to new experiences
*finally the Special Someone, who will listen, answer, help, guide, comment and assure you that what you’re saying is important.

This Special Someone in Językodajnia is Agnieszka. She is open to your needs, tactful, experienced, knowledgeable and knows how to listen. Agnieszka has created a haven for those who want to exist in a new linguistic space. And language means culture. Her unique learning format is directed at people searching for methods that differ from typical educational structures.She offers more than learning vocabulary, grammar, exceptions and collocations. Agnieszka wants you to immerse yourself in things that are attractive for you, which you want to share without being afraid of making mistakes.

Językodajnia assumes that you have a passion in you. The passion to share, in a foreign language, who you are, the passion to discover what another language can give you. Happiness, freedom, enthusiasm, involvement – all these qualities Agnieszka has in abundance. And she wants to share them with you and invites you to create your new story about the world. A story that begins with relations.

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