Ewa Bacia, PhD


Językodajnia is something more than yet another language school.

And great, since most of us who were processed by the formal education system recall bad things from school: the time of boredom, forced tasks, listening to teachers “who were always right” and the cycle of unending tests. You won’t encounter any of these in Językodajnia.
The idea behind MEETINGS WITH POLISH follows the guidelines of democratic education, as explained by John Dewey, Paulo Freire or Janusz Korczak.

In democratic education the student is always the most important element, their needs, expectations, habits, experience are treated as a potential a person is equipped with when starting their education. The teacher has a support role, is a coach and moderator, their main task is to help the student utilize their potential to the full.

Moreover, such a teacher should motivate to learn and develop. Agnieszka Bolikowska has found many ways that help her students open to the adventure of learning. The learning process is democratized. Each participant can influence the selection of topics and the course of meetings, which take place in small, 6-person groups, which allows us to take into consideration everyone’s individual needs.

Moreover, teamwork and intense exchange of thoughts and impressions are encouraged and continued even between actual meetings. This way learning becomes a way to discover unknown spaces, in cooperation and with the support of other groupmates. And so, thanks to the atmosphere of trust and cooperation, the students take part in the adventure of discovering other languages and cultures.


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