Agnieszka Bolikowska, PhD

In Polish Yourself I conduct Meetings with Polish.

Born and raised in Poland, for 12 years I lived, studied and worked in various English- and Spanish-speaking countries: ten years in the USA (Washington, D.C.), a year in Spain (Salamanca) and several months in Mexico (Oaxaca). In the USA, I taught at the George Washington University and the University of Maryland, College Park where I earned my doctorate in Spanish language and literature. In Warsaw I graduated in Iberian Studies and International Relationships, both faculties of the University of Warsaw.

In Polish Yourself, I believe that a foreign language is a tool that helps us learn about other people and... ourselves: "Those who know nothing of foreign languages know nothing of their own (Goethe)." For me, Sessions with Polish are incredibly inspiring and often deeply touching encounters with other people - their mystery, uniqueness and sensitivity.

I'm touched when I see my clients not only overcome their fear of speaking, but many other obstacles as well. They discover new lands for themselves and enrich their lives. This is the true magic of Polish Yourself and for such rewarding moments it has been well worth having created.

Apart from meeting you in Polish Yourself, I love yoga, biking, hiking, journeys into the unknown, the feeling of freedom and being at ease, my dog, laughter, everything related to culture - I'm an avid reader of contemporary Polish literature. I run a book club - the Buk Klub. Having returned to Poland after many years abroad, I'm very happy to rediscover Poland and Warsaw and share this passion with others at Polish Yourself.