• I met Agnieszka in a country house about a year ago, she is welcoming, passionate about Poland, very inspiring and always smiling. I encourage anyone wanting to learn Polish or to discover Poland to try Polish Yourself!
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    CHIRAG United Kingdom
  • Polish Yourself is something more than yet another language school. And great, since most of us who were processed by the formal education system….
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    EWA BACIA, ekspert ds. edukacji
  • What is (…) important, that with Agnieszka Polish is not only about language, but it’s about discovering Poland, its history and culture, which is great. Very inspiring! Well, I guess I’ve finally Polished Myself!
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    DAVID Portugal
  • Polish Yourself? My freedom! Freedom for my throat, tongue, from the fear of making mistakes when speaking Polish.
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    RENE Restructuring Expert
  • Językodajnia assumes that you have a passion in you. The passion to share – in a foreign language – who you are, the passion to discover what another language can give you.
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    AGNIESZKA STERNAK a psychologist
  • I love small, cosy places full of positive energy! In językodajnia every detail is made with passion: nicely designed interior, unique atmosphere and interesting learning format.
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    GOSIA a yoga studio owner