Our Philosophy

Polish Yourself was born out of passion for Polish language and culture and the love of good cuisine and life filled with good energy. Polish Yourself assumes that a foreign language is a tool that helps us learn about other people and… ourselves: „Those who know nothing of foreign languages know nothing of their own.” (Goethe)

At Polish Yourself each of us believes that in order to start speaking a foreign language one needs to feel safe and comfortable. We strive to create a positively-charged atmosphere that provides a secure place for you to overcome any nerves you may feel about speaking. That’s why Polish Yourself is a cozy, colourful place where you can taste great food and where you can always find a smile. It is a safe haven, a centre of positive energy in the middle of a hurried city, where you can start or end your day sitting in a comfortable armchair, sipping excellent tea or coffee, speaking the language you are curious to master. In this casual ambiance, improving your speaking skills is only a matter of time.

Polish Yourself is not a language school and does not offer traditional language courses. Instead of a desk, blackboard or flipchart you’ll find here a couch, poufs or even a…. hammock, soft music in the background and films with original soundtrack projected on a wall. Instead of cumbersome coursebooks, routine grammar exercises and grinding through vocabulary, Polish Yourself offers an original method of language learning. The method has been developed based experiences and techniques gathered from language teaching at the university level in the USA. It includes elements of meditation, visualisations and a large dose of interesting material about cultures. When you’re engrossed in discovering exotic lands, languages, peoples and cultures it is as if you learn “effortlessly”, almost by accident.

Join us for 90-minute long meetings that take place once a week in small groups, learn to speak a foreign language and get to taste delicious foods from Poland. You can meet new, interesting people and delight in the taste of the authentic cuisine.

You are cordially invited to Polish Yourself!

Agnieszka Bolikowska, PhD