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Our special, pro bono, MEETINGS WITH ENGLISH in Językodajnia welcome ladies aged 65+ from "Little Brothers of the Poor" organisation. They're so full of life, positive energy and completely not your stereotypical "elderly people" whose image often lurks at the back of our minds that we've decided to tell you about them.

It's never too late to fulfil your dreams, including learning languages!

...ravenous for life, like me. 
Zosia Muszyńska

           As a professional musician I worked for 40 years for various symphonic orchestras. I went on many national and foreign tours.  Continuous travelling made raising my two daughters a challenge. And there was little time for other things. And so I'm over the hill and well into climbing the next one and here I am, facing the problem that until now wasn't my problem: retirement.

          What is it for me?

          Freedom from structured dependencies and constant pressure, but also a possibility for further development, time for reading books I haven't read, plays I finally have time to see in a theatre or concerts I was too exhausted to listen to.
And I'm happy when I can participate in lectures organized by Universities of the Third Age or improve my English in the extraordinary Językodajnia with other ladies in their late adulthood, as ravenous for life as I am.

         And until there is strength, life is worth living!