Do you want to work with us and become a  trainer to help others speak foreign languages at ease?
Do you – as of today – do not want to become a teacher…
…but are curious and want to learn something new and exciting? (Why not? 🙂


What will you gain?

  • You will learn an innovative way of teaching others English
  • You will deepen your understanding of English and become better at it!
  • You will definitely try something new: maybe teaching English according to the will become your passion and something you will enjoy doing, even as a hobby?
  • You will meet interesting new people

What for?

  • You will receive an official certificate on becoming a Certified Trainer
  • You may choose to proceed to become a member of Językodajnia team
  • You may want to consider starting your own Językodajnia franchise with all the necessary support from us
  • You will have good memories and new skills 

What exactly will we do?

  • Learn about the most important elements of the and how to put them into practice in both professional and everyday situations
  • Read in English
  • Talk, reflect, discuss, and do journal-writing – all in English as well

So… do you want to join us?